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Professional Product Used & Rated By CP Coatings 

Delivering top quality products that give outstanding results in home and commercial spraying and Painting & Decorating.

We do not list all of our products as most of them are for professional trade use only and can not be purchased by retail or public, however please feel free to search our supply chains colour charts and paint finishes that we can have professionally mixed for the appropriate surfaces.

Over 10,000 Colours

Picking The Perfect Colour 

When it comes to choosing the right colours it can become quite frustrating. That's why here at CP Coatings we offer our unique DESIGN service to all of our customers and clients.

From Farrow & Ball to Tikkurila we stock every colour on our system to determin the outcome of your home or business premises in real time illustrations. 

Mixed and formulated with quality

Quality Paints With High Contrace Pigmentation  

Feel free to use the links below and explore our suppliers colour charts and paints, if you need further assistance you can contact CP Coatings and we will gladly help you in your enquiry
About The Company
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Tikkurila UK was established in 1983 and has over the past 3 decades operated throughout the UK in sectors varying from interior design to nuclear engineering.

Farrow & Ball

If you've ever wondered what it is that makes Farrow & Ball so special, you'll find the answers here. From our high-quality ingredients to our artisanal methods, our eco-friendly formulas to our sustainable practices, it's about so much more than just paint and paper.

Little Greene

The Little Greene paint collections bring together the most useful and beautiful luxury paint colours from all the key periods in the history of decoration.


Exciting clay based breathable paint has a distinctive, ultra matt finish that softens and enhances the light in your room, while its contemporary colours tempt the senses.


Wallpapers From Around The World

From the United Kingdom to the USA, Canada and Scandinavia, our suppliers are global. From luxury wallpapers to modern Design wall murals. CP Coatings can arrange order and deliver any paper design or graphic you desire. 

Inteligent Thinking 

Designing with wallpapers attached to show the end product. CP Coatings Design experts can really put the understanding into home decoration.  See the end result before we have even ordered your wall coverings. Cost effective and delivers a true illustration of the potential outcome of your home decor'. 

Wallpaper Suppliers 

Quality Wallpapers We Trust

please feel free to explore a few of our wallpaper suppliers, if you are struggling on what paper will work for you, remember we can always design it for you. 
About there Company

Ted Baker

When it comes to wallpaper in your home, only the very best will do. Ted Baker's designer wallpaper selection has something for every room in the house, if you want bold printed wallpaper or if its more along the lines of subtle patterns that go with every style interior, you name it, we have it.



Muraspec offers the best digital wallcovering service around, our digital design experts will work with you to create beautiful results.
If you have your own design we will make sure it’s amazing.


Milton & King

Milton & King exists to combine an old age industry with modern technology. To create a brand that borrows from the past and develops for the future.


Scandinavian Wallpaper

Scandinavian Wallpaper represents Boråstapeter and Sandberg wallpaper, two of the largest wallpaper companies in Scandinavia. We are located in the US and serve all of the US and Canada. We are proud to be able to offer Scandinavian design and quality at its finest.