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uPVC Spraying Internal / External 

CP Coatings offer you to change the colour of your old weathered uPVC windows with a colour guarantee of 10 years +
We specialise in rejuvenating and restoration of uPVC windows, doors, facias and soffits, conservatories and garage doors.  Using advance paint technology and spray systems saving you 'the customer' thousands.
Extending the life of existing double glazing and enhancing the look of your home.  See how we are different from our competitors in the way of high quality standards and coatings.
Please contact us for your free consultation.  CP Coatings provide the best quality in products and production. 

Kitchen Designing and Spraying

From a simple face lift to a complete transformation.  CP Coatings can regenerate any kitchen space at a fraction of the cost, by rejuvenating and modernising your existing kitchen cabinets and cupboards doors.
Our expertise and knowledge of professional hard wearing paints and coating, all of which  can be delivered on a multitude of fine sprayed finishes that will last.  We offer traditional heritage  colour schemes for authentic designs, as well as our unique up to date modern designs, We provide advice on the latest colour trends from Farrow and Ball, Dulux and Little Green Paint Company. 
All of Kitchens are sprayed using only the best paints available that we have shipped over from Finland and Germany. Tikkurila been our main seller for kitchens, can leave your cabinets and doors looking brand new direct from the manufactures.   


Bedrooms and Furnishings 

Looking to make new changes to your fitted wardrobes or bedroom furniture? At CP Coating we can offer some amazing ideas, that will pull your dated furnishings back to a fresh modern new condition.  We can spray on site or simply take your furnishings to our spray booth. At our workshop they will be prepared also cleaned in the process to be resprayed, then ready to be delivered back to your property.                                    Any item we take away will be delivered back to your property wrapped and packed to ensure maximum protection until it reaches it final 
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Room Designs and Exceptional Decor

What we can offer to our customers when it comes to high end residental Design & Decor is only the best.  When it comes to plastered walls and ceilings, including all woodwork throughout your property, CP Coating can achieve outstanding results with a flawless finish.  We are bounded by our policy to deliver a no mess and no stress service.  Our customers are fully assured that there property is with the professionals. 
We accommodate for all rooms in this service only delivering to the highest quality in standards.  Forget about brush & rollers marks, and those old dust sheets that scratch surfaces.  Our tradesmen use the professional materials  that will protect and produce the best finishes within your home.  
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We take extreme pride in the work we produce because we do things text book style. before we even begin to get the spray machines and pumps out of the van we spend endless hours preparing surfaces for spraying and not forgetting the masking up and sheeting up.

Thorough preparation is vital to achieve the high standard finish. We understand at CP Coating the preparation process for the different types of surfaces that we may encounter, as different surfaces need to be prepared in different ways

  • Heavy-duty protective sheets to protect the floor and cover any furniture, also masking up walls and floors in surrounding area when spraying.

  • We make sure all surfaces are free from grease, dust, oil and imperfections.  Any holes or cracks are filled and sanded, and any flaky plaster or peeling paint must be removed.

  • To get the most professional and long lasting finish that we aim to achieve, is by stripping back all surfaces.  

  • Typically at CP Coatings we start sanding from 40g sand paper all the way up to 1000g sand paper.  This can vary depending on each surface.  Our objective is to make sure paint application is done correctly to the highest of standards leaving a prolong lifespan for paint finishes.

 Higest quality finish

Spraying to a Manufactures Finish

A painting technique that our highly skilled professional sprayers use to achieve that smooth manufactures finish.  By using a device to spray a coating through the air onto a surface. 

The key advantage of the spray process lies in the fact that it is a noncontact method of paint application. The texture of the original surface is left intact.  This is a complete contrast to the results of manual application using a roller or brush. 

This method is our application of choice, particularly when it comes to painting detailed and specific spaces for our clients.

There are different methods we use of spraying, in which our professional sprayers are competent with.  The most common types employ compressed gas (usually air) to atomize and direct the paint particles.

  • Airless Spraying

  • HVLP Spraying

  • Air Assisted Spraying


Find what you are looking for

Our services have been specially put together to accommodate for all requirements  when it comes to spraying and refinishing within your home.  CP Coatings cover a huge amount of demands when it comes to perfection in home decor.  When it comes to paints, we know how to apply it correctly and safely.  We source our materials from a large group of companies and suppliers, who specialise in the own unique style of hard wearing paints and finishes.  From ceilings and walls to woodwork, metals and plastics we know what works best. 

Ceilings  -  Walls  -  Woodwork

Airless & Air Assisted Spraying

A method that provides a smooth flat finish, that is most commonly used for large area coverage on walls ceilings and woodwork.

Finished Surfaces 

HVLP Spraying

Mainly used for fine finishes, where coatings are thinned down to produce exceptional soft smooth finishes. 

Woodwork Plastics and Metal Spraying

Pneumatic Spraying

Spraying with compressed air that can be regulated to accommodate the viscosity of the material.  

All Surfaces


CP Coatings know what it takes to produce the highest quality standards.  The preparation we put into to any surface is performed with our knowledge skills and experience as professional sprayers and design decorators.