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How it works


                         The Process is Simple                           

                                Looking to change the appearance of your kitchen?                                                                                                                                                                                                     Without the need to change your existing units? 
Still want that professional manufactures finish?
CP Coatings specialise in high quality finished spraying
Step 1

Contact us to book a free consultation. 

Step 2

Lets chat about the options when it comes to colours and what would look right for your style of kitchen.

Step 3

Let us take the information ideas   and put them into reality.

request a design £35.00 with unlimited changes.

Approve the priced works based on the information and let CP Coatings do what we specialise in.

How We Operate 

When it come to Kitchens we understand the essential need for daily use. CP Coatings work with our customers to make sure they can still maintain a normal living while we perform our magic.  Most of our kitchens can be completed within a day, but for larger and more complex kitchens we may need more time in order to deliver that perfect professional finish.

"We have methods that we use in order to make every job a success story where the customer is always left feeling delighted and proud of the work we perform.  CP Coatings are dedicated in achieving the very best in quality workmanship and our ethics, plus enthusiasm shows that on every property we work on.  It's our reputation we protect and it's our approach methods and practice that we prove to our clients and customers that we are the competent workforce that achieve amazing results. "

Call CP Coatings today and let us bring the inspiration of quality spraying into your home.