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The Advantage of Sprayed Finishes

When it comes to Sprayed finishes the possibilities are endless. CP Coating can off a wealthy amount of solutions  when it comes to sprayed manufactured finishes within your property.
After contacting us and booking your free consultation. A CP representative will arrive with all of the relevant information and details required to show how we operate and what makes us different from our competitors. We provide samples of our work along with our portfolios to give our customers full insight into our standards of work the finishes we are dedicated in achieving. 
We carefully piece together your quotation during the consultation and then email it directly to the lead customer once it has been finalized and approved at the office. 
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Covid 19 Information - given the current situation that has had such and impact on all businesses globally. CP Coatings have taken extra measures to ensure our customers safety. Apart from following the government guidelines we would like to ensure all of our customers that our tools and equipment is fully sanitised before going into it's next job. We dispose of all sheeting and material waste. making sure that we have fresh clean new sheeting and masking materials for the next.