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upvc Spraying and it's benefits 

uPVC Spraying Blog

Why opt for uPVC spraying, lets us explain this in simple contense.

Hopefully by reading our blog the benefits below will speak for themselves and help you to better understand the reasons why most people are seeing uPVC spraying as the right choice and understand how it can help massively improve and benefit your property.


Professional Spraying and Refinishing to Painting and Decorating
The benefits - Colour Matching Service - Highly Trusted System - Unlimited Colour Options - 10 Year Guarantee - (Spraying) Cheaper than Replacing.
At CP Coatings we have a number of suppliers we use, with hundreds of colours to choose from.  Farrow
& Ball - Tikkurila - Little Greene Paint Company - Dulux Heritage - Morrells - Symphony Coating - Earth Born - Craig & Rose.

Will it last if I have my uPVC windows doors and conservatory sprayed 

Publisher: Camilla@cpcoatings 

Believe it or not, uPVC spraying can extend the life span of your uPVC windows, doors and conservatory. This can weatherproof the uPVC material for years. It can also even strengthen them against the elements, such as torrential rain, harmful UV sun rays not for getting the rapid change in temperature conditions we have in the United Kingdom.

People struggle to understand why its such a good thing to have your uPVC sprayed professionally, when really they are missing the main objective of having it done.  It’s a form of protection like stated above.  The professional paints CP Coatings apply to your existing uPVC has far better wear properties than the uPVC itself.

Think about it (how do cars always wash up clean even after years of been on the road). Its simple, the properties and formulas of the paint product itself has a far greater lifespan purely by the elements it was made up from.

Save Money on Expensive Replacements

Following on from extending the lifespan, it is also a much more cost effective option. Residential uPVC Spraying for both window and door units is typically less than 20% of replacement costs for these features. On to many occasions we have experienced customers and clients who have spent thousands on replacing there uPVC frames and doors, only to realise there budget has gone and now they are left with the alternative route for remaining windows and frames (Spraying). Its only when they see the out come of the uPVC spraying they feel even more annoyed that they have just paid out all of that money for new frames and doors when in reality the sprayed windows and doors are proving to be more aesthetically pleasing and far far cheaper. “Like I will keep stating in all CP blogs uPVC spraying has a longer life span.”

So in theory this not only means you can save hundreds of pounds, but there’s no building work required and minimum disruption to your home. You can essentially achieve a brand new look with your existing window and door units with uPVC spraying. And if your wondering about that old frame sealant (silicon) as well, that too can be sprayed or even racked out and replaced.

uPVC Colours Including Farrow & Ball

From creating an entirely new fresh appearance to replacing the existing colour with new coats; hundreds of colour options are available. Our Suppliers at CP Coatings can match and mix any colour you desire for your uPVC windows, frames and more. Having the freedom to pick and choose the colours you want without the need of installing new windows is pure genius. uPVC companies can only offer a certain amount of colours where a spraying company can most likely offer them all. Doors, Windows etc is an amazing option at a fraction of the price. Head over to our design page and find your dream window and door colours. We personalize all of our designs specifically to your requirements.

A Brand New Look
Residential uPVC spraying leaves your property looking transformed and so noticeable to your neighbours . The window and doors and conservatory play a vital part in visitors first-impressions. uPVC Spraying is resistant to UV degradation and your newly spray coated uPVC’s will retain vibrant fresh colours for much longer – Restoring the appearance to how you once remember them if not looking better.

Our Spraying Coating Services Include:
  • Window Coating Services

  • Door Coating Services

  • Conservatory Coating Services

  • Kitchen Coating Services

  • Garage Coating Services

  • Fireplaces and surround Coating Services

  • Glass & Marble Coating Services

  • Furniture Coating Services

  • And many many more

A respray on your windows, doors or garage doors can also add value to your home so it seems like a logical choice to respray, rather than rebuild.

If you are bored of the usual white look, we can also change the colour.  Why not change the conservatory to bold bright, or a pastel colour to liven up the mood of your home and make it stand out from the rest?

The benefits - Colour Matching Service - Highly Trusted System - Unlimited Colour Options - 10 Year Guarantee - Cheaper Than Replacing

❗️No Mess

❗️Cost Effective 

❗️5🌟 reviews

The first reason you should choose us is quality.  After we have painted a surface, it is impossible to tell it wasn’t originally installed in the new colour.  Our work is so convincing that the surface will appear to have a factory finish.

The second reason you should choose us is expertise.  We have sprayed practically every substrate imaginable, so we know what works and what doesn’t.  This allows us to provide helpful advice and create solutions for any project.

The third reason you should choose us is reputation.  We have a 5 star customer rating and we publish all our projects.