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Professional Spraying with Talent 

CP Coatings is a company that was established on the north west coast of the United Kingdom.  We are based in Lytham St Anne's and operate throughout the north west coastline areas. 

Our main objective is our dedicated in delivering exceptional finishes by the application of atomized and airless spraying.  Our knowledge followed by the years of experience we hold, lets our customers know that we are fluent and competent in what we specialise in. 

The team at CP Coatings are individually talented in there own way.  Having all served there time as an apprentice to be classed as a professional sprayer, we have strict measures in place meeting all of the criteria’s and qualifications we see as vital when it comes to working in customer’s properties.  Our methods and professional approach is a clear demonstration of our ethics to do it right first time. 

CP Coatings has a vast amount of services that it can offer to all customers and clients in different sectors.  It’s the knowledge we hold and the staff we employ that allows us to take on projects and works, which range from domestic to commercial at the very highest of standards.

Free Consultation 

Schedule your free consultation and see how CP Coatings can assist you on that perfect look and finish, when it comes to colour co-ordination and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Designs Emailed Within 24 hours  

CP Coatings can perform outstanding designs.  Using specialist software we illustrate the potential outcome of what your property could look like in real time.  Get in touch to receive your very own design.  

Getting Booked In

Given high demand CP Coatings are very well managed when it comes to client bookings.  On approval of your detailed quotation and design our next step is to get you booked with a confirmation date that suits your requirements.  


Back to their Former Glory

Preparation, Restoration, Preservation

At CP Coatings we take great care and attention to detail in our preparation to new or previously painted surfaces.  Restoration is our key aspect when it comes to producing fine quality external spraying.  Our goal is to achieve a substantial level of protection to exterior paintwork of homes and businesses alike.
The exterior of your home or business is the very first thing people will see and the first to rapidly decline because of the extreme weather changes we have here.
At CP Coatings we can transform or freshen up any exterior to a high standard, we use the very best products on the market to do this.

Lytham St Anne's Lancashire

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 Flawless Finishes

Our years of experience and knowledge of professional hard wearing paints and specialist coatings, all of which can be delivered with a multitude of fine sprayed flawless finishes.  At CP Coatings we accommodate for all requirements  when it comes to spraying and refinishing within your home.
We dont just spray

Luxury High End Decorating

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Lytham St Anne's Lancashire

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Sun: Closed, Mon-Fri: 8 am-6 pm, Sat: 10 am-4 pm